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In heavenly matters, God is both the creator of the heavens and the earth.  But unless we speak with him and he with us as was the case with Moses whom the Bible describes as actually conversing with God face to face, we must act through an intercessor.  In human matters we seek someone who shares our humanity and is favored by the person we wish to approach from whom we wish to obtain the favor we desire.

In the realm of our relationship with God we find the perfect intercessor in Mary.  She was a created human like us; and while her human nature was prepared without the stain of sin from her birth, she was favored to be chosen to bear the Christ, the Anointed One, the Redeemer of the human race.  Mary, the Mother of God is the same Mary our intercessor.  The requests she makes of God the Son, God the Father and God the Holy Spirit have the force of one most favored, because they are for the spiritual welfare of her children among whom her own child was born to save.  She is someone we must approach to gain intimate access to her Son for our own good and the spiritual good of others.

My children, have real love for the holy virgin.  Pray to her conscientiously.  She will protect you.
  (1)  St. Bernadette

As flies are driven away by a great fire, so were evil spirits driven away by Mary’s ardent love for God; so much so, that they did not even dare approach her. (2)  St. Bernadino of Siena

Mary has given to the world as an aqueduct, by which God’s graces incessantly flow to the earth.  What honor, what love does not our Lord oblige us to render her, since he has filled her with the plentitude of all good in such a way that, if we have some chance of salvation, we have it all from Mary. (3)  St. Bernadino of Siena

If you wish to present something to God, no matter how small it may be, place it in Mary’s hands, if you do not wish to be refused. (4)  St. Bernard-abbot of Clairvaux

If you do not want a refusal, entrust to Mary’s care everything that you want to offer to God. (5)  St. Bernard-abbot of Clairvaux

Men do not fear a powerful hostile army as much as the powers of hell fear the name and protection of Mary. (6)  St. Bonaventure

As wax melts before fire, so do the devils lose their power against those souls who remember the name of Mary and devoutly invoke it.
  (7)  St. Bonaventure

Just as breath gives life to the body, calling upon Mary often, gives life to the soul. (8)  St. Germanus of Constantinople

No one can be filled by the thought of God except by the blessed virgin Mary. (9)  St. Germanus of Constantinople

No one, O lady, who sought your all-powerful aid was ever abandoned by you. (10)  St. Eutychian, pope

The chief remedy against the devil is to have recourse to the virgin Mary. (11)  St. John of Avila

There is no more excellent way to obtain graces from God than to seek them through Mary, because her divine son cannot refuse her anything. (12)  St. Philip Neri

Let the storm rage and the sky darken – not for that shall we be dismayed.  If we trust as we should in Mary, we shall recognize in her, the virgin most powerful, “who with virginal foot did crush the head of the serpent.” (13)  St. Pius X, pope

This most gentle dove winging her wondrous way to the fair fields of heaven does not cease to protect us here on earth.  From heaven’s heights she puts to flight the wicked angels, for she is there as our ever-active Mediatrix with God.  (14)  St. Theodore Studites

No other created being can obtain for us so many and such eminent graces from God as his mother. 
  (15)  St. William of Paris

The gates of heaven will open to all who confide in the protection of Mary.  (16)  St. Bonaventure

It is impossible to save one’s soul without devotion to Mary and without her protection. (17)  St. Anselm

We may seek graces, but shall never find them without the intercession of Mary.  (18)  St. Cajetan

If anyone wishes to contact a President, or some other high worldly dignitary, he does not go about it by himself; he takes an intermediary with him.  The same thing is true when we approach God; let it always be with Mary and through Mary  The saints who became holy most rapidly are the ones who were very zealous in glorifying Mary.  We who, compared to them, as so much poorer spiritually, should always take Mary with us on the road to perfection.  (19)  St. Maximilian Kolbe

Thus it is that in every engagement with the infernal powers, we shall always certainly conquer by having recourse to the Mother of God, who is also our Mother, saying and repeating again and again: "We fly to thy patronage, O holy Mother of God: we fly to they patronage, O holy Mother of God. (20)  St. Alphonsus de Liguori

God has rendered Mary so powerful over the devils, that as often as they assault a devout client who calls on this most Blessed Virgin for help, she at a single glance instantly terrifies them, so that they fly far away, preferring to have their pains redoubled rather than see themselves thus subject to the power of Mary. (21)  St. Bridget

While I keep my hope in thee unconquerable, O Mother of God, I shall be safe.  I will fight and overcome my enemies with no other buckler than your protection and your all-powerful aid. (22)  St. John Damascene

Glorious indeed, and admirable, is your name, O Mary; for those who pronounce it at death need not fear all the powers of hell; for the devils on hearing that name instantly fly, and leave the soul in peace. (23)  St. Bonaventure

By the simple saying your most powerful name, you give security to your servants against all the assaults of the enemy. (24)  St. Germanus

If Christians were careful during a temptation to pronounce the name of Mary with confidence, never would they fall; for at the very sound of these words, Hail, Mary!  Satan flies, and hell trembles. (25)  Blessed Allan de la Roche

The enemy flies even from the most abandoned sinners, who consequently are the farthest from God, and fully possessed by the devil, if they only invoke her most powerful name with a true purpose of amendment.  But at the same time, if the soul does not amend and obliterate its sins by sorrow, the devils almost immediately return and continue to possess it. (26)  St. Bridget

When Mary interposes her powerful protection, the gates of hell cannot prevail.  She, in fact, is the most loving and most powerful Mother of God, and of us all, and never was it heard that anyone has had suppliant recourse to her and has not experienced her most efficacious protection.  Continue, as you have been doing, to venerate her with fervent piety, and to love her intensely and to invoke her with these words: 'To you alone has it been given, O most holy and most pure Mother of God, unfailing to have your petitions ever answered'.
  (27)  Pius XII, pope

The foundation of all our confidence . .  is found in the Blessed Virgin Mary.  God has committed to her the treasury of all good things, in order that everyone may know that through her are obtained every hope, every grace, and all salvation.  For this is his will, that we obtain everything through Mary. (28)  Pius IX, pope

Although Mary, now in heaven, can no longer command her Son, nevertheless her prayers are always the prayers of a Mother, and consequently mot powerful to obtain whatever she asks. (29)  St. Alphonsus de Liguori

Mary, then, is called omnipotent in the sense in which it can be understood of a creature who is incapable of a divine attribute.  She is omnipotent, because by her prayers she obtains whatever she wills. (30)  St. Alphonsus de Liguori

As you have the authority of a Mother with God, you obtain pardon for the most enormous sinners; since that Lord in all things acknowledges you as his true and spotless Mother, he cannot do otherwise than grant what you ask.
(31)  St. Germanus

A single sigh from Mary was worth more before God than the united suffrages of all the saints. (32)  St. Dominic

Mary, having merited to give flesh to the divine Word, and thus supply the price of our redemption, that we might be delivered from eternal death; therefore is she more powerful than all others to help us to gain eternal life. (33)  St. Augustine

The prayers of his Mother are a pleasure to the Son, because he desires to grant all that is granted on her account, and thus repay her for the favor she did him in giving him his body. (34)  St. Theophilus

O wonderful mercy of our God, who in order that we might not fly on account of the sentence that might be pronounced against us, has given us his own Mother and the patroness of graces to be our advocate. (35)  St. Bonaventure

The graciousness and mercy of Mary are so great, that no one, however enormous his sins may be, should fear to cast himself at her feet: for she never can reject anyone who has recourse to her. (36)  Blessed Raymond Jordano

And who among the saints is as powerful with God as his most holy Mother?  She obtains all that she pleases.
(37)  St. Alphonsus de Liguori

When Mary asks graces from God, she does not ask, but, so to say, commands, for her Son honors her by refusing her nothing.
(38)  St. Peter Damian

You O Mother of God, are omnipotent to save sinners, and need no other recommendation with God, for you are the Mother of true life.   (39)  St. Alphonsus de Liguori

Hail! O terror of hell; O hope of Christians; confidence in you is a pledge of salvation. (40)  Erasmus

You, Mary, are invoked with the insistent prayer of the faithful throughout the world so that you, exalted above all the angels and saints, will intercede before your Son for us, "until all families of peoples, whether they are honored with the title of Christian or whether they still do not know the Savior, may be happily gathered together in peace and harmony into one People of God, for the glory of the Most Holy and Undivided Trinity."  (41)  Benedict XVI, pope

Mary lived her whole life as service.  And so she continues to do so throughout history.  At Cana, she silently and discreetly interceded for the spouses, and so she continues to do.  She takes upon herself people's needs and concerns, and she brings them before the Lord, before her Son.  Her power is goodness.  Her power is service. (42)  Benedict XVI, pope

In our day, Our Lady has been given to us as the best defense against the evils that afflict modern life; Marian devotion is the sure guarantee of her maternal protection and safeguard in the hour of temptation. (43)  Benedict XVI, pope

Holy Mary, do not refuse your help to those in sorrow, uphold the courage of the weak and console those who are afflicted: pray for the whole people so that all those who have recourse to you in their needs may feel the effects of your all powerful protection.
(44)  St. Augustine

Oh!  I love you, Mary, saying you are the servant of the God whom you charm with your humility.  This hidden virtue makes you all-powerful.  It attracts the Holy Trinity into your heart.  (45)  St. Therese of the Child Jesus (Lisieux)

The conflict with Hell cannot be maintained by men, even the most clever.  The Immaculate alone has from God the promise of victory over Satan. (46)  St. Maximilian Mary Kolbe

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