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Historically, during the reign of King David, a tower was constructed on or near Mount Zion to aid in the defense of his city, Jerusalem.  This beautiful Tower of David was adorned with shields, and identified those persons who were counted upon to defend the tower and city when there was danger.  The tower symbolizes Mary, first, because of the virtues by which she is adorned and strengthened as represented by the shields, secondly by the strength with which she defended and protected her son, then, and by extension today as she protects her son's bride, his Church today.

If God did not annihilate the human race after Adamís great sin, it was because of his extraordinary love for Mary.
  (1)  St. Bernadino of Siena

O Lady, cease not to watch over us; preserve and guard us under the wings of your compassion and mercy, for, after God, we have no hope but in you. (2)  St. Ephraem of Edessa

If we have Mary, we possess everything.  If we donít, we lack everything.  If Mary defends us, who will be able to do us any harm? (3)  St. Gabriel of Sorrowful Virgin

Devotion to and love of the most holy Mary is a great defense and a powerful weapon against the snare of the devil. (4)  St. John Bosco

Having confidence in you, O Mother of God, I shall be saved.  Being under your protection, I shall fear nothing.  With your help I shall give battle to my enemies and put them to flight; for devotion to you is an arm of salvation.
  (5)  St. John Damascene

Oh, what strength do the servants of this great Lady possess, to overcome all the assaults of hell!  Mary is as a well defended fortress in defense of her lovers, who in their wars have recourse to her.   (6)  St. Alphonsus de Liguori

Truly are those souls to be pitied who abandon this defense, in ceasing their devotion to Mary, and no longer recommending themselves to her in the time of danger. (7)  St. Alphonsus de Liguori

As breathing is not only a sign but even a cause of life, so the name of Mary, which is constantly found on the lips of God's servants, both proves that they are truly alive, and at the same time causes and preserves their life, and gives them every nourishment. (8)  St. Germanus

Mary not only has her dwelling in the full assembly of saints, but she also preserves her children on earth from falling, keeps a constant watch over their virtue, that it may not fail, and restrains the evil spirits from injuring them. (9)  St. Bonaventure

The admirable name of our Sovereign Lady is like a fortified tower, in which, if a sinner takes refuge, he will be delivered from death; for it defends and saves even the most abandoned. (10)  Richard of St. Laurence

The tower of David stood on high, that is, on Zion; therefore Mary is called the Tower of David, to denote the height of the perfection of this great creature: "As Zion was a very elevated spot, so was the Blessed Virgin most exalted."
(11)  St. Bernardine

The divine Mother was more holy in the first moment of her life than any of the saints were at the moment of their death.   (12)  St. Gregory

O that I could only by shedding every drop of my blood cause all nations of the earth to adore and love you as the great Lady which you are. (13)  St. Alphonsus de Liguori

Pray to Jesus for me; tell him that you protect me; and then he is sure to pity me.  My Mother, in you too I do trust; in this hope I shall live in peace, and in it I wish to die. (14)  St. Alphonsus de Liguori

The enemy of salvation was never able to hurt you, finding you always surrounded by impenetrable bucklers, and fortified with all the arms that he feared. (15)  St. Bernard

It is certainly Mary who after Jesus has more solicitude, more tenderness, more charity, more love and more goodness for us than any other.  It is she who upholds us in our troubles.  She fights for us and afterwards makes us enjoy the fruit of her victories. 
(16)  St. Bonaventure

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