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Historically, the sea has been an avenue for trade and travel.  It represents a dynamic force to be charted, understood and used wisely for it is beyond the powers of man to control and tame.  It is a potential ally if used wisely, it becomes a deadly enemy if not understood.  It represents a challenge for those wishing to use it for travel, exploration and commerce.  To be on the sea at night presented additional dangers for early seamen, particularly when the weather was cloudy and stormy.  Nothing was more welcome as the first signs of dawn and sighting the bright star known as the "Morning Star." Sailors knew this guide would bring them to safe harbor.    

It was only fitting that the virgin to whose care God the Father was pleased to confide his only son, should shine with a dazzling purity, surpassing all but that of God. (1)  St. Anselm of Canterbury

O sweet name, which gives the sinner strength and the blessed hope.  We pray you, our Lady, Star of the Sea, shine upon us in our distress on the sea of life, and lead us to safe harbor and the ineffable joys of eternity.
  (2)  St. Anthony of Padua

Robbers attack us at night, but when dawn comes they flee; thus also flees the devil at Mary’s arrival.
  (3)  St. Bonaventure

Mary is the dawn of God, because, just as the dawn marks the end of darkness and the beginning of day, so Mary indicates the end of vices and the beginning of virtue. (4)  St. Innocent III, pope

We find ourselves in this earth as in a tempestuous sea, in a desert, in a vale of tears.  Now then, Mary is the Star of the Sea, the solace of our desert, the light that guides us towards heaven. (5)  St. John Bosco

Always stay close to this Heavenly Mother, because she is the sea to be crossed to reach the shores of Eternal Splendor. (6)  St. Padre Pio

When you see the storm coming, if you seek safety in that firm refuge which is Mary, there will be no danger of your wavering or going down. (7)  St. Josemaria Escriva

Mary means Star of the Sea, for as mariners are guided to port by the ocean star, so Christians attain to glory through Mary’s maternal intercession.  (8)  St. Thomas Aquinas

When you find yourself tossed by the raging storms on this great sea of life, far from land, keep your eyes fixed on this Star to avoid disaster.  When the winds of temptation or the rocks of tribulation threaten, look up to the Star, call upon Mary! (9)  St. Bernard

God the Father gathered all the waters together and called them the seas or Maria (Latin, seas).  He gathered all His grace together and called it Mary or Maria . . . This immense treasury is none other than Mary whom the Saints call the ‘treasury of the Lord.’  From Her fullness all men are made rich. (10)  St. Louis de Montfort

This most holy, sweet and worthy name was eminently fitted to so holy, sweet and worthy a virgin.  For Mary means a bitter sea, Star of the Sea, the illuminated or illuminatrix.  Mary is interpreted Lady.  Mary is a bitter sea to the demons; to men She is the Star of the Sea; to the Angels She is illuminatrix, and to all creatures She is Lady.  (11)  St. Bonaventure

When the storms of temptations rage, the most compassionate Mother of the faithful, with maternal tenderness, protects them as it were in her own bosom until she has brought them into the harbor of salvation. (12)  St. Bridget

O happy confidence!  O safe refuge!  the Mother of God is my Mother.  How firm, then, should be our confidence, since our salvation depends on the judgment of a good Brother and a tender Mother. (13)  St. Anselm

O man, whoever you are, understand that in this world you are tossed about on a stormy and tempestuous sea, rather than walking on solid ground; remember that if you wish to avoid being drowned, you must never turn your eyes from the brightness of this star, but keep them fixed on it, and call on Mary.  In dangers, in straits, in doubts, remember Mary, invoke Mary. (14)  St. Bernard

In dangers of sinning, when molested by temptations, when doubtful as to how you should act, remember that Mary can help you; and call upon her, and she will instantly nourish you.  Let her name never leave your lips, let it be ever in your heart. (15)  St. Bernard

If we follow Mary, we shall never err from the paths of salvation.  Each time that we invoke her aid, we shall be inspired with perfect confidence.  If she supports you, you cannot fall, if she protects you, there is nothing to fear for you cannot be lost. (16)  St. Bernard

O poor lost sinners, despair not; raise up your eyes, and cast them on this beautiful star; breathe again with confidence, for it will save you from this tempest, and will guide you into the port of salvation. (17)  St. Bonaventure

Mary is the safe harbor of all sailing on the sea of the world. (18)  St. Ephrem

All those who seek Mary's protection will be saved for all eternity. (19)  Benedict XV, pope

Those who live under the protection of Mary are secure in the midst of the dangers of this life, from the shipwreck of sin, and from eternal damnation; for she guides them safely into the haven of salvation. (20)  St. Mary Magdalen of Pazzi

God destined Mary as a bridge of salvation, by using which we might with safety pass over the stormy sea of this world, and reach the happy haven of paradise. (21)  St. James

Mary, "the Star," indicates the rising of the sun; as the morning star proceeds the sun, so does devotion toward the most Blessed Virgin precede the sun of divine grace. (22)  St. John Damascene

Devotion in a a soul toward Mary is a sign either that it is already in a state of grace, or that it will very soon be so.
(23)  St. Germanus

As mariners, in tempestuous weather, are guided by the star of the sea into port, so are souls guided by Mary over the sea of this world in Paradise. (24)  St. Thomas

If you do not wish to be lost in the storm of temptations, turn not your eyes from this star of salvation.  If you follow Mary, you will not go astray; if Mary protects you, you cannot fear to be lost; if Mary favors you, you will reach Paradise.
(25)  St. Bernard

Mary was born and the dawn arose. (26)  St. Alphonsus de Liguori

As the earth rejoices when the dawn appears, because it is the precursor of the sun, so also when Mary was born the whole world rejoiced, because she was the precursor of Jesus Christ, the Sun of Justice, who being made her Son, came to save us by his death. (27)  St. Alphonsus de Liguori

When Mary was born, our remedy, our consolation, and our salvation came into the world; for through Mary we received our Savior. (28)  St. Alphonsus de Liguori

Mary is and remains the handmaid of the Lord who does not put herself at the center, but wants to lead us toward God, to teach us a way of life in which God is acknowledged as the center of all there is and the center of our personal lives.
(29)  Benedict XVI, pope

Caught up on daily activities we risk, in fact, to think that here, in this world in which we are only passing through, is the ultimate goal of human existence.  Instead, Paradise is the true goal of our earthly pilgrimage.  How different our days would be if they were animated by this perspective. (30)  Benedict XVI, pope

With Mary's "yes", to the generous offering of freedom received from the Creator, she enabled the hope of the millennia to become reality, to enter this world and its history.  Through her God took flesh, became one of us and pitched his tent among us. (31)  Benedict XVI, pope

You remain in the midst of the disciples as their Mother, as the Mother of hope.  Holy Mary, Mother of God, our Mother, teach us to believe, to hope, to love with you.  Show us the way to his Kingdom!  Star of the Sea, shine upon us and guide us on our way"! (32)  Benedict XVI, pope

If the winds of temptation arise, look at your star, invoke Mary; if the greatness of your crimes troubles you, think of Mary.
(33)  St. Bernard

O Mary, harbinger of day!  O hope of the pilgrim!  Lead us still as you have led; in the dark night, across the bleak wilderness, guide us on to our Lord Jesus, guide us home. (34)  St. Newman

Mary, the Morning Star, from the time of her Immaculate Conception preceded the coming of the Savior, the rising of the "Sun of Justice", in the history of the human race. (35)  Blessed John Paul II, pope

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